Potholder in tunesian crochet

Size is ca. 17x17 cm (6,6")

Materials and pattern
us notation/uk
Yarn: 50 g of each color in cotton 8/4. (Each final potholder weighs about 30 grams.)
Crochet hook: 5½ mm
Tunesian crochet hook: 5.0 mm

Tunesian crochet hooks come with one hook. And with a
hook in each end

The square:
Cast on 33 chains with the crochet hook.
Switch to the tunesian crochet hook and start ordinary tunesian crocheting in the 2nd chain from hook.
Make 30 forth-and-back-rows.
Then the patch is nicely square-ish.
Make two of each color. Do not break the yarn after number two of each color. The edge is made from there.
Place squares, one of each color, together.
Crochet together: Sc/dc, chain -skip one chain (/ row when you get to the side of the patch).
*Sc/dc, chain - skip one chain.*
Repeat * * all the way around.
Make a loop/strap. Either of chains, and then Sc/dc.
Or a loop/strap of Sc/dc- cast-on-row.
Weave in....

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