Crocheted towel

US notation

Size 12 by 16 inches (30 * 40 cm)

I have used:
2 * 50 grams Cotton 8/4 print.
Crochet hook/needle: size 3mm.

Abbreviations. (If i use abbreviations.)
Ch = Chain
DC = double crochet
SC = Single crochet.

Cast on 68 + 3 chains.
Make a double crochet in the 4. chain from the hook.
And then one DC in each chain =  68 DC.
Turn with 3 chains.
Make a double-crochet in the last double-crochet in the row below.
= the first DC in the new row.
Make DC in every chain = 68 DC's. And the 3 turningchains are exclusive.

Carry on until the towel measures about 40 cm/16 inches.

Then turn with one chain. Make single-crochet in next 28 stitches/chains . Then make 12 chains. Skip 12 stitches/chains. Make single-crochets in the remaining stitches/chains.
Again turn with one chain. Singel-crochet in the next 28 stitches. 12 single-crochets around the 12 chains. And 28 single-crochets = rest of the row.
Weave in the ends.

Thats how my gorgeous towel looks
 before the ends are weaved in

I wonder how efficient it will be in terms of drying.

I think the edging is very pretty, a little wavely (!)....

Closer look at my beautiful DC's ;-)

"Nice" side op

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